A day with... Fay Carter

Understandably, times are hard right now and many businesses are now working from home, team Xalient included. We thought we would open to door into some of the teams homes, starting with Senior Project Manager, Fay Carter.

What is your working from home routine?

I hate routine.  This is by far my biggest challenge when I’m working from home 100% of the time.

Over the last few days it’s tended to look at bit like this:

  1. Wake up and make a coffee
  2. Join my 1st stand-up meeting at 08:30. Video off for this one.  No one needs to see that.
  3. Make coffee number 2
  4. Remove cat from the laptop, check if he’s pressed any buttons he shouldn’t have, and then crack on with meetings and work I have scheduled for the day
  5. Critical decision point: do I have a 3rd coffee?
  6. More work
  7. Rummage around in the fridge to see what I can conjure up for lunch
  8. Escape the house for some fresh air (weather dependent)
  9. More work / video calls
  10. By this point I will have reached my daily exercise quota based solely on the number of times I have gotten up to let the cats in / out of the house
  11. FaceTime-time
  12. Return to the fridge to contemplate dinner

And what would your advice be for those who aren’t use to working from home?

  • Make sure you take breaks. It’s easy to get sucked into sitting at your desk all day but you wouldn’t do that in the office, so don’t let it happen at home.
  • Understand your working style and tailor your space to suit it. I work best in exciting, noisier environments where I can freely share thoughts and ideas. To make sure I get that at home, I have my record player on the majority of the time belting out my favourites (Led Zeppelin features frequently) to keep me motivated, and I rely on video conferencing to maintain the interaction with colleagues that I need.

As a Senior Project Manager, what tools do you find useful when working from home?

  • Microsoft Teams is my go-to tool when I’m working from home. It does everything you need from instant messaging, real-time editing of documents with your colleagues and customer to video conferencing.  It makes remote collaboration so much easier.
  • A record player and lots of lovely records to listen to.
  • A cat or three.
  • Snacks

Xalient have introduced a ‘quaranteam’ scheme to encourage employees to take on a new challenge while working from home.

What is your challenge?

Mine’s not brand new.  I’m 4 months away from finishing a law degree that I’ve been studying part-time for the last 4 years so I’m taking full advantage of social distancing to write my dissertation. I have zero excuses now not to.

And finally, we want to offer you the opportunity to use our platform to send a message to all the amazing people out there fighting to keep us safe:

Thank you for everything that you are doing to keep us safe be it working in the NHS, delivering much needed parcels or making sure that we can still get our groceries; we couldn’t manage without you.