A day with... Tom Grace

Understandably, times are hard right now and many businesses are now working from home, team Xalient included. We thought we would open to door into some of the teams homes, starting with Pre-Sales Manager, Tom Grace.

What is your working from home routine?

  1. Coffee, breakfast and time with the kids
  2. Shower
  3. Get dressed and set up in the office
  4. Get disturbed by kids or cats 5 mins later
  5. Many Video calls
  6. Cup of Tea
  7. Get disturbed by kids or cats again
  8. Exercise – Try and do 15 min HIIT session or a quick run
  9. Lunch – I will try and take a break and see the kids for a little while – In the garden if possible
  10. Back to more work
  11. Get disturbed by kids or cats again
  12. Finish work

And what would your advice be for those who aren’t use to working from home?

Make sure you have a comfortable environment to work in, take plenty of breaks and get some fresh air. For me getting daily exercise is important, ideally in the morning as it keeps you motivated for work. Having some music on in the background also helps me keep going.

As a Pre Sales Manager, what tools do you find useful when working from home?

Good Wi-Fi, good headset, a second monitor, Sonos speakers, Web cam cover (comes in handy when kids and pets are involved).

Xalient have introduced a ‘quaranteam’ scheme to encourage employees to take on a new challenge while working from home.

What is your challenge?

Still trying to think of one, welcome any suggestions!

And finally, we want to offer you the opportunity to use our platform to send a message to all the amazing people out there fighting to keep us safe:

As a parent of a child who is in the high risk category (Congenital Heart Defect) I cannot express my thanks to each and every one of you who is out there risking their own lives in order to keep the rest of us safe. Every single one of you is a hero and I hope you realise how grateful the whole world is for your efforts. Your selflessness will never be forgotten.