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SASE Readiness Accelerator

To help get you started on your SASE journey, Xalient’s SASE Readiness Accelerator is ideal. It’s a comprehensive assessment of where your organisation stands today and where it wants to get to, and offers detailed recommendations designed to help you accelerate towards your goal and reap the SASE benefits.

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Secure Remote Working Accelerator

The Xalient Secure Remote Working Accelerator is a comprehensive review of the deployed remote working solution against the current and future business operating models. The Accelerator is designed to review all aspects of the remote working solution including user identity and authentication, endpoint requirements, application usage and performance, and security controls.

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SD-WAN Readiness Accelerator

It is important for organisations to understand the business and technology impacts when making the change from a traditional MPLS network, to SD-WAN or a hybrid network. Xalient’s SD-WAN Readiness Accelerator will provide you with the valuable insight and recommendations you need to make an informed choice and accelerate your journey.

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WAN Performance Accelerator

Increasing cloud adoption and digital transformation are forcing organisations to rethink and redesign their network strategies, their application landscapes and undertake modernisation projects. Consequently, there are many challenges organisations face when trying to determine which direction to take.

Addressing WAN performance through Xalient’s WAN Performance Accelerator, as a first step, can deliver many benefits.

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Zero-Trust Readiness Accelerator

The adoption of cloud technologies and applications has left the traditional perimeter and on-premise approach to security no longer fit for purpose. Employees aren’t based just in the office anymore – they’re working from home, now at a scale never before seen, brought about by the Covid-19 crisis. The Xalient Zero-Trust Readiness Accelerator will give you the necessary insight and recommendations needed to accelerate your Zero-Trust journey.

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Security Posture Accelerator

The Xalient Security Posture Accelerator is a consultancy-based engagement designed to report on a company’s current cyber-security risks and provide you with a set of prioritised remediation actions to address those risks – based on severity, effort and cost.

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