Introducing the SD-WAN Accelerator

It is important for organisations to understand the business and technology impacts when making the change from a traditional MPLS network to SD-WAN or a hybrid network. Xalient’s SD-WAN Readiness Accelerator will provide you, in a short timeframe, with the valuable insight and recommendations you need to make an informed choice and accelerate your journey.

Business first approach

Critical to success is our business-first approach ensuring that any technology recommendations are firmly aligned to your business requirements both now, and into the future. Therefore, an essential first step in our Xalient SD-WAN Readiness Accelerator is engagement with key stakeholders to determine your business objectives,  drivers and expected outcomes at the outset. That way, you’ll get the maximum benefit and be ready to start your SD-WAN journey.

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What you’ll get

Following extensive data gathering, analysis and consideration by Xalient’s experienced consultants, you will receive a single, comprehensive report, discussed fully with you in a workshop, that provides:

  • A gap analysis comparing “As Is” environment and the desired “To Be” future state
  • Options and recommendations to achieve agreed benefits
  • Identification of required remediation activities
  • Vendor options and comparison
  • Roadmap including risks, implementation plan, dependencies and potential timeframes
  • Budgetary implications


Benefits of
the SD-WAN



  • Gain a thorough understanding of SD-WAN and its benefits
  • Save valuable internal resource time that would be spent researching SD-WAN, instead benefit from Xalient’s proven expertise and worldwide SD-WAN experience
  • Drive collaboration across wider business teams that an SD-WAN program will have impact on
  • De-risk any future SD-WAN project by choosing the right technologies and solutions going forward, based on independent, expert recommendations
  • Gain valuable inputs to your SD-WAN business case
  • Accelerate your SD-WAN initiatives to ensure your organisation stays ahead of its competitors – agile, secure and connected.

Drawing on our proven experience helping deliver SD-WAN solutions and services to customers across the world, we’ll help accelerate your SD-WAN journey, and your business, in the fastest and most secure way possible.

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