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Professional Services

Xalient Consulting Services

Helping guide you through transformational change to achieve agility, resilience and efficiency.

Providing market-independent, actionable insight

The Xalient Business Consultancy practice offers expert guidance and advisory services to help businesses thrive in today’s dynamic and competitive marketplace.

We provide (via short, sharp engagements) tailored, market-independent strategies and data-driven, practical, advice to enable businesses to achieve their goals, overcome challenges, and drive growth.

The Xalient Consultancy Framework

  • Understand organizational landscape

  • Identify stakeholders: recognize key stakeholders and their roles in the advisory process

  • Capture initial requirements


  • Assess current state
  • Maturity modelling
  • Identify use cases and areas of improvement
  • Risk and requirements reporting
  • Future state report
  • Develop actionable People, Process, and Technology recommendations
  • Provide a roadmap for achieving the future state
  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • Develop a plan for implementing recommended changes
  • Help with alignment and stakeholder buy-in
  • Establish governance and monitoring framework

Our Analysis Approach

From Discovery to Recommendations

  • Business Outcomes

    Define the overarching business outcomes that prioritise the roadmap

  • Business Requirements

    Work with key stakeholders to understand the critical business requirements

  • Operational & Technical Requirements

    Work with key stakeholders to understand capabilities, requirements and challenges of the Operational Team

  • High-level Architecture

    Define an As-Is, Transition and To-Be reference architecture which is technology agnostic

  • Capability Assessment

    Validate what capabilities across People, Process and Technology are available and where there are gaps

  • Vendor & Commercial Evaluation

    Review existing vendors for their ability to meet the requirements & develop a business case for our recommendations

  • Roadmap

    Map out the cost, time and impact of any recommendations and present them as a short-, medium- and long-term roadmap

The Xalient Difference

  • Right-sized team, focused SMEs
  • Flexible (not agile!) approach (and commercial engagement models),
  • Laser-focused on customer outcomes
  • Collaborative, integrated team focused on big picture
  • SME teams also deliver – they have real world, real-time experience of technologies
  • Cost and effectiveness

It's What We Do


We provide independent strategic advice based on clearly defined requirements gathered with the Customer


We provide a clear approach on how to achieve the recommendations proposed


Xalient has the capability to deliver on the outcomes proposed by our Advisory

Achieve Outcomes

Xalient will take responsibility for the end-to-end outcomes proposed throughout the customer lifecycle

It's How We Work

Flexible Approach

Outcome Focussed

Collaborative Teams

Specialist Focus

Our Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Services.

Xalient partners with enterprises, private equities and their advisers to support corporate m&a and divestments. Using our methodologies and suite of network and security separation and consolidation services, we have developed extensive experience in managing these complex processes for global enterprises, typically characterised by demanding timeframes.

Gym - X - Transparent-8

Our Accelerator Services.

Our Accelerator services are concise consultancy engagements designed to support your business in achieving its goals.

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Portrait of Mark Foulsham, Board Advisor, NED, COO/CIO, Fractional Support, Digital Leadership Coach

Mark Foulsham

Board Advisor, NED, COO/CIO, Fractional Support, Digital Leadership Coach

With a broad background as a COO/CIO/CDO, C-Suite Advisor, NED, Senior Transformation Leader and Coach, Mark tackles multiple fronts from the advantage of diverse experience in business operations, technology, procurement, delivery and risk. With a deep knowledge of business models from multiple sectors and extensive experience in fast-paced digital start-ups.

Mark’s work across extensive business types, functions and countries empowers him with experience to bear across silos. Mark has built a reputation for advocating cross-business collaboration, taking a pragmatic approach and championing transformative change.