Taking the complexity out of your digital transformation

When you choose Xalient to deliver your Zero Trust solution, you don’t have to engage with multiple providers or struggle to select, integrate and manage the right technology components to meet your needs. Instead, our Professional Services consultants will create the Zero Trust solution that responds to your digital transformation imperatives and helps deliver your desired business outcomes.

Our Zero Trust Framework is specifically designed to be modular. So you can address and resolve your most pressing digital transformation challenges first, and add more capabilities over time.

Guiding you through your transformation

Our customer projects typically begin with our consulting services. We take the time to understand your transformation journey – from your business and technology objectives, where you are currently and where you need to get to, as well as the pace you want to move at.

We have a suite of consultancy assessments known as our ‘Accelerators’ because that’s exactly what they do. Whatever your challenge, using our Accelerators is a sure-fire way to kick-start a new initiative and achieve your ambition in the fastest possible time.

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Delivering your transformation

WAN. Delivered and Assured.

Our innovative automated rapid deployment system takes Zero-Touch provisioning to the next level. With configuration built ahead of installation, and part of Xalient’s standard deployment methodology, we can ensure quick and efficient deployments at scale.

Managing your transformation

More than a partnership.

Xalient’s Global Managed Service takes the burden off your team, freeing them up to focus on helping your business grow. Our managed service helps customers be more secure, flexible and efficient by providing tried and trusted user and infrastructure support to accelerate their business growth.

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