ESG: Making Positive Impacts

Environmental & Social Governance Commitment

Firmly believing in doing our bit to build a sustainable future.


Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

Our ESG commitment reflects the promotion of our strong ethical, environmental and corporate social responsibility principles expected of a global organization. It highlights where we focus our time and efforts on making positive social and environmental impacts; from adopting sustainable practices to our commitment to the local communities in which we operate – we firmly believe in doing our bit to build a sustainable future.

At Xalient, we’re very much a people business. We value our people highly and consider them to be our greatest assets. We want to ensure they have an environment in which they can thrive. Embracing the diversity of our workforce and creating an equal and inclusive culture that supports our people to reach their full potential is vitally important to us as we grow.


Xalient and the Environment

We are fully aware that the climate crisis is the greatest challenge of our generation and the only way we can solve it is if we all play our part and support the measures aimed at helping to tackle climate change. Consequently, we have ambitious company-wide targets for becoming more sustainable, working towards achieving a carbon-neutral status to eliminate, or at least minimise, any impacts we have on the environment.

Social and

At Xalient we believe that everyone has the right to live in a healthy and safe environment. We are strong believers in giving back and are dedicated to being responsible contributing members of society, seeking to build strong relationships with the local communities in which we live and operate. In addition, we focus on diversity, wellbeing, career development, and helping address the gender imbalance more widely across the tech industry.

Governing our business

We understand the vital importance of running an ethical business and hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics as expected of a global technology services organisation. We conduct our business within all applicable laws and regulations to enhance our professional reputation within the tech industry while ensuring that our services are marketed appropriately and that our employees, clients and suppliers are fairly treated.

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