Getting to know: Brian Ramsey

Understandably, times are hard right now and many businesses are working from home, team Xalient included. We thought we would open the door into some of the teams’ homes, today we have VP Americas – Sales, Brian Ramsey.

What is your working from home routine? 

Early Bird…Get up and get going. With the UK Head Office six hours ahead, the earlier the better. Walk the dogs, coffee, shower, check email and prep for the day ahead. 

And what would your advice be for those who aren’t used to working from home?

  1. Stick to a routine
    Start your day as you normally would and keep to your normal work hours.
  2. Leverage your collaboration technology
    Teams, Skype, LinkedIn and Video Calls are all great tools to keep you in front of customers and co-workers.
  3. Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail
    Don’t roll out of bed and start working. Have a plan to attack the day and week.
  4. Do the hardest task first
    Knock out the big rock on your to-do list and the rest of the day is downhill.

Xalient has introduced a ‘Quaranteam challenge’ to encourage employees to take on a new challenge whilst working from home. What is your challenge? 

I have started a Vegetable and Flower garden from seed. Great progress and have since moved the plants into a raised bed in the backyard!

And finally, we want to offer you the opportunity to use our platform to send a message to all the amazing people out there fighting to keep us safe:

A huge thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the healthcare workers keeping us safe and healthy.

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