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Getting to know: Steve Tucker

Understandably, times are hard right now and many businesses are working from home, team Xalient included. We thought we would open to door into some of the teams’ homes, today we have Commercial Director – EMEA, Steve Tucker.

What is your working-from-home routine?

I tend to be a lark as opposed to an owl, I find I’m more productive first thing.  So I can start early dependent on customer deadlines and the overall to-do list.

Throughout the day I’ll grab plenty of drinks (quick break from the desk) and look to take lunch, which gives me the chance to step away from desk again.

And what would your advice be for those who aren’t used to working from home?

Enjoy the commute!

Don’t stress if home life causes unforeseen interruptions to calls (we all remember the news broadcaster whose wife bursts into the room trying to retrieve the wayward youngsters).

Take plenty of mini-breaks if you can & give yourself time to assess or review the calls and conferences you’ve been on.

Turn video on and have a few chats that aren’t always 100% work-focused.

If you’re using video on conferencing (we are at Xalient) remember when you’re not speaking, you’re are still being potentially watched …so no awkward faces if you don’t agree with what’s being said. That is, unless you want to jump into a heated discussion.

As a Commercial Director, what tools do you find useful when working from home?

Teams is the main platform we tend to use, so knowing your way around it makes life simpler.

Oh and I sit on bouncy ball as opposed to a chair to help with my posture/core.

What is your challenge?

I’m really struggling to come up with something I’ll do with the extra time (in part because at present I’m feeling busier than ever….) – suspect it will involve yoga poses (which I’ve never done before) + solving a Rubik’s Cube.

And finally, we want to offer you the opportunity to use our platform to send a message to all the amazing people out there doing their bit to keep us safe:

I have to say I’ve always been in awe of those people in public service across the board. Right now, to all those fantastic healthcare workers working tirelessly to keep us safe we are forever grateful. My family and I were on the doorstep the other night applauding as that’s the very least they deserve.

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