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Award-winning IT consulting and managed services business.

We are an award-winning, IT consulting and managed services business, specializing in modern, software-defined networking, security and communications technologies. Our mission is to help our clients thrive in a cloud-centric world. We deliver innovative solutions and services tailored to meet the specific needs of each organization we work with.

We’re different from traditional providers – our customers say we’re more innovative, agile and flexible, and that they value our deep expertise and independence. So if you’re looking for a partner that can help you thrive in the digital economy…

Xalient should be your first choice.

Identity & Access

Identity and Access Management (IDAM) ensures youor employees have access to the right tools, at the right time and for the right reasons.
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Secure Transport

Secure Transport

Providing actionable insights on performance and utilisation from MARTINA
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Secure Services Edge

Reducing threat by securely providing access to private applications, not private network.
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Application Data

Applications & Data

Limits the spread of application malware by restricting communications and reducing the blast radius.
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Our Customers

AIOps Platform

A unique and game-changing AIOps innovation from Xalient that’s making a difference in many global businesses today.


Monitoring through Artificial Intelligence and Analytics.

By acquiring data from multiple sources, MARTINA provides enhanced visibility of network traffic, leading to faster fault detection and incident resolution.

She uses AI/ML to identify anomalies that can highlight performance and security issues, and, using specific abilities to recognize indicators of potential threats and attacks, she provides IT leaders with vital early alerts that enable prompt, informed action to be taken.

Martina AI


Secure Optimised Network Access.

SD-WAN is an effective, efficient way to connect your organisation and provide users with application access.

Now you can make SD-WAN work even harder for your business and gain access to a full range of SASE services with SONA, Xalient’s Secure Optimised Network Access suite.

SONA represents the next generation of secure, optimised, cloud networking service delivery.


A Xalient developed tool that allows the entire SD-WAN end-to-end provisioning process to be automated.

WANDA provides pre-testing, migration, and post-testing in minutes enabling a true zero-touch deployment, reducing the reliance on on-site customer resources and ensuring a consistent deployment model.

True Zero Touch Deployment. Reduced reliance on on-site or customer resource.

Customer Success Stories

Providing outstanding solutions for our valued customers.
Keeping the world largest brands more resilient, adaptable and responsive to change.

Why Xalient?

Accelerate your business.

It isn't just our strapline. It’s a summary of our intent, experience & commitment to customers.

With our years of experience and deep expertise in managing complex networks and security for some of the world’s largest and best-known companies, you can be assured that our SIAM services are accredited to the highest quality and security standards and employ industry-leading processes and systems.

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Portrait of Mark Foulsham, Board Advisor, NED, COO/CIO, Fractional Support, Digital Leadership Coach

Mark Foulsham

Board Advisor, NED, COO/CIO, Fractional Support, Digital Leadership Coach

With a broad background as a COO/CIO/CDO, C-Suite Advisor, NED, Senior Transformation Leader and Coach, Mark tackles multiple fronts from the advantage of diverse experience in business operations, technology, procurement, delivery and risk. With a deep knowledge of business models from multiple sectors and extensive experience in fast-paced digital start-ups.

Mark’s work across extensive business types, functions and countries empowers him with experience to bear across silos. Mark has built a reputation for advocating cross-business collaboration, taking a pragmatic approach and championing transformative change.