Xalient and University of Bradford's Knowledge Transfer Partnership Wins Innovate UK's Certificate of Excellence for Developing MARTINA - An Innovative AIOps Network

We are thrilled to share that Innovate UK has awarded Xalient and the University of Bradford the Certificate of Excellence for our Knowledge Transfer Partnership project. This project has been a great collaboration between Xalient and the University of Bradford, made possible through the support of Innovate UK.

The teams developed MARTINA (Monitoring through Artificial Intelligence and Analytics), an innovative AIOps network already delivering value to many global businesses. With MARTINA, data from multiple sources enhance network traffic visibility, leading to faster incident detection and resolution. Using AI/ML, MARTINA also detects performance and security anomalies and indicators of potential threats and attacks, providing vital early alerts for prompt and informed action.

Head of Innovation, Stephen Amstutz, expressed his pride in the project’s success, saying “We are excited to receive this recognition from Innovate UK for our Knowledge Transfer Partnership project. This award validates the hard work and dedication that the teams at Xalient and the University of Bradford have put into developing MARTINA and the value it is already delivering to businesses worldwide.”

We congratulate everyone involved in this outstanding achievement and look forward to continuing our work to deliver innovative solutions that drive business success.

Learn more about MARTINA – Click Here.