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This guide will help you answer:

  • Is my network infrastructure fit for the future?
  • What’s the best way forward?
  • What solutions and services can help with this?

    Helping law firms transform their networks

    We understand the pressures on IT to drive innovation through new systems that improve the efficiency of delivering legal services, whilst at the same time protecting your firm against the ever-increasing risk of data breach or cyber-attack. We’ve helped leading law firms across the UK with the design, deployment and management of their network so that they can benefit from these new systems and freeing up their IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives.

    secure cloud

    Security & Compliance

    Faced with an ever-shifting security perimeter, escalating cyber crime and increasing compliance demands, we keep you, your clients and your firm's reputation protected.

    Secure global

    Global Connectivity

    Connecting your firm globally, delivering speed, reliability and visibility - maximising billable hours and enabling cross-firm case collaboration.

    secure identity

    Secure Identity

    Ensuring the right people have the right access to the right applications, whether in the cloud or on-premise, at the right time, securely

    clever person

    Consulting & Global Managed Services

    Our consultants combine legal sector experience with technology expertise to design, implement and manage bespoke solutions, tailored to your firm's needs - leaving you to focus on the business.

    Balancing agility with the risk of cyber-attack

    At Xalient we’re firm believers that getting strong, secure foundations is the key to balancing the demands for agility and speed against security. Don’t let your outdated network leave you at risk of security breaches, at the mercy of lawyers unable to access their casework, partners demanding faster global connectivity, or new employees simply frustrated by their technology. Your secure, cloud-ready network is a strategic investment for the future, that all-important foundation on which your technology transformation can succeed and your firm can grow and adapt.

    Combining network, security and identity

    We believe that the powerful combination of new cloud technologies, when skilfully designed around your firm’s operations and business objectives, can accelerate your technology transformation, whilst ensuring the agility, growth and security needs of a modern law firm.

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