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Case Study

Lords Group and Xalient’s Journey to Enhanced Network Resilience and Efficiency

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Lords Group Trading PLC partnered with Xalient for a successful network transformation using Fortinet SD-WAN.
This strategic move optimized efficiency bolstered security and enabled seamless cloud migration.

Lords Group Trading PLC (Lords), a prominent player in the construction industry, faced challenges in their WAN architecture and security infrastructure.
With a network spanning 48 locations in the UK, they needed a solution to enhance resilience and efficiency, accommodating their growth aspirations.
The challenge involved migrating from traditional VPN, addressing unsupported hardware, and ultimately improving security and bandwidth management.

Lords’ requirements were precise – they sought agility, scalability, and enhanced security. As their chosen partner, Xalient needed to provide a solution that met the current demands and future-proofed their network. Critically, the requirements encompassed shifting from MPLS to Fortinet SD-WAN, ensuring seamless integration of new sites, reducing setup times, and finally, optimizing costs through affordable broadband connections.

The chosen solution was Fortinet SD-WAN, leveraging Xalient’s cybersecurity and cloud security expertise. Fortinet is a cornerstone in Xalient’s strategic partnerships, as a trusted partner in cybersecurity, SD-WAN, and cloud security.


Taking charge of the implementation process, Xalient ensured that the Fortinet SD-WAN was smoothly integrated into Lord's existing infrastructure, including SD-WAN configuration, security protocol setup, and network performance optimization.
Implementing Fortinet SD-WAN offered a cost-effective solution for Lords Group by lowering the expenses associated with traditional MPLS connections.
Key factors contributing to this success include Xalient’s in-depth understanding of Lord’s applications, demonstrated competencies, resource deployment agility, dedicated account support, and outstanding customer feedback. Implementing Fortinet SD-WAN finally enhanced Lord’s network security and facilitated rapid site setup and deployment.

Enhancing Lords' network's performance and resilience...

Working closely with Fortinet, Xalient designed a solution to meet Lords’ requirements. This involved migrating from the VPN, refreshing unsupported hardware, and enhancing the security infrastructure and bandwidth management.

By addressing these essential aspects, Xalient successfully reduced site setup times and seamlessly integrated new sites into the new network fabric.

Xalient took charge of the implementation process, ensuring Fortinet SD-WAN was seamlessly integrated into Lord’s existing infrastructure, including configuring the SD-WAN deployment, setting up security protocols, and optimizing network performance.

The standardized approach ensures operational efficiency and enables Lords to work more efficiently with a dependable Fortinet SD-WAN solution, enhancing performance and resilience. This centralized security policy equally improved perimeter posture, providing Lords with a turnkey solution for mergers and acquisitions. Xalient’s direct, optimized access to cloud services has enabled cloud migration, reducing resource requirements.

... and building a long-lasting partnership

Lords consequently employed Xalient through three acquisitions, with fifteen sites currently live and operational and the remaining sites on track for completion throughout 2024.

Cementing the partnership, a three-year managed services contract was signed with Xalient in May 2023. Lords chose Xalient’s Managed Services (MS) to improve the efficiency and dependability of their IT operations. Xalient therefore continues to provide ongoing support and management services to ensure the continued effectiveness and security of the implemented Fortinet solutions. This involves monitoring network performance, troubleshooting issues, and implementing necessary updates or modifications.

"Xalient has been a friendly professional team guiding us in all our network needs.”

Darren Price

General Merchanting Trading Managing Director at Lords Group

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