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Developed through extensive experience in managing complex M&A processes for global enterprises.


M&A Advisory

At Xalient, we understand that corporate mergers, acquisitions and divestments can be complex processes with demanding timeframes. That’s why we offer our M&A advisory services to partner with enterprises, private equity firms, and their advisers to support these important business activities. Our methodologies and suite of network and security separation and consolidation services have been developed through extensive experience in managing complex M&A processes for global enterprises.

Why Xalient?

Specialist Expertise

Our deep domain knowledge in networks, identity management and cybersecurity enables us to conduct comprehensive pre-transaction assessments, identify potential risks and vulnerabilities, develop comprehensive, zero-trust led, future plans for network separation or consolidation, and implement the necessary security controls. We take pressure off internal IT teams by introducing specialist skills and experience, so they can continue to operate their respective businesses, securely and efficiently, throughout the process.

Reducing risk

With our thorough understanding of industry regulations and standards across the globe, we ensure that any new network and security infrastructure is fully compliant with these requirements. Armed with the necessary tools and expertise to streamline the process, we minimise the time required to complete a merger or separation, while reducing risk and paving the way for long-term success for all parties.


Many companies use M&A and divestment activity as an opportunity to modernise technology, introducing advanced cloud applications, zero-trust security, AI-driven network monitoring, and new approaches to supplier management. Xalient’s M&A consultants can assess all such opportunities for clients and draw on a global team of network and security experts to design, implement and manage resulting programs.

Contact us to hear how our expertise and experience in networking and security can accelerate your merger, acquisition or divestment, while reducing risk and helping pave the path for post-transition success.

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