Putting AIOps innovation at the heart of your business

MARTINA (Monitoring through Artificial Intelligence and  Analytics) is a unique and game-changing AIOps innovation from Xalient that’s making a difference in many global businesses today.

By acquiring data from multiple sources, MARTINA provides enhanced visibility of network traffic, leading to faster fault detection and incident resolution. She uses AI/ML to identify anomalies that can highlight performance and security issues, and, using specific abilities to recognise indicators of potential threats and attacks, she provides IT leaders with vital early alerts that enable prompt, informed action to be taken.

Xalient’s team of data scientists developed MARTINA in collaboration with AI experts at the University of Bradford. We chose Bradford for its reputation as a leading technology university that puts digital innovation at the heart of its world-leading research – as does Xalient.

The Business Challenge

For complex businesses, MARTINA adds a whole new dimension to network management and security. Organisations today rely heavily on their networks to keep business up and running so  it’s critical to identify and resolve performance issues and potential security breaches as quickly as possible.

But networks have become increasingly complex.  Driven by the cloud, they incorporate large numbers of connected devices and IoT sensors and carry vast amounts of traffic, increasingly to and from cloud applications. All of which makes network monitoring more important and more challenging than ever before. That’s why Xalient developed MARTINA.

Driving business value

Because MARTINA works so fast, with so much data — much more than a human could handle — using complex algorithms and predictive capabilities:

  • She identifies and diagnoses issues and potential threats, often well before customers or employees notice. And with her ML capabilities, she fixes low-level issues automatically
  • Your IT teams will have real-time, ‘single pane of glass’ visibility of performance right across their network – a huge advantage for a complex global business. Thanks to MARTINA, rapid alerts will allow swift, targeted intervention to happen where necessary.
  • As a result, you’ll experience an enhanced, high performing network that keeps your business running efficiently and securely and you’ll be protecting your brand reputation.
  • With MARTINA in place, you’ll see fewer network outages, higher productivity, faster issue resolution, enhanced  security, better customer and employee experiences, more efficient use of your valuable IT resources and importantly,

MARTINA Managed Service

MARTINA is routinely built into Xalient’s  Managed Network Services. As a customer, you will benefit from her advanced automation and predictive capabilities as well as gaining additional functionality as new services are developed.

If you have your own NOC but would benefit from her enhanced AI-powered capabilities plus ‘single pane of glass’ visibility across your network, no matter how complex, then we can help there too. MARTINA can be installed as the virtual assistant in your own network operations team – meaning you can free up resources to focus on more strategic issues while MARTINA takes care of the rest.

To find out more about MARTINA and how she can turbocharge your network management download the attached brochure or contact us to see a demonstration of MARTINA in action.

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