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MARTINA Observe understands the role and operation of devices within each monitored location and performs an impact analysis providing a health view of the network reflective of the user experience.


A comprehensive AIOps platform

Martina Observe is a comprehensive AIOps platform designed to focus on the user experience at various locations, not just individual device status. By analysing the operation of devices within each location, Martina Observe ensures high levels of resilience and performance are maintained, therefore delivering a consistently positive user experience.
Offering a robust and efficient solution for managing network devices across multiple locations with a focus on user experience. By prioritizing seamless operations and the end-user experience, Martina Observe ensures high availability, resilience, and a consistently positive experience for users across your organization’s network.
Martina Observe is built into our managed service offering as default.

Key features:

1. Real-time User Experience Monitoring

Martina Observe continuously evaluates the performance and availability of devices in each location, providing a visual representation of the overall user experience. This allows administrators to quickly identify and address any potential issues to maintain a high-quality experience for end-users.

2. Availability Monitoring for Optimal User Experience:

Martina Observe is designed to manage multiple devices within each location to provide redundancy and ensure a consistent user experience. The system understands each devices role, and therefore it’s impact on maintaining seamless operations.

3. User Experience-Centric Status Indicators:

Martina Observe employs a simple, colour-coded system to represent the user experience in each location: • Green: All devices within the location are fully operational, ensuring an optimal user experience. • Amber: One or more devices have failed, but a backup device is functioning, maintaining a satisfactory user experience. • Red: The location has no functioning devices, and the user experience has been disrupted.

Device Failure Detection and Recovery

4. Automatic Device Failure Detection and Recovery:

Martina Observe is equipped with intelligent failure detection mechanisms that can identify malfunctioning devices and detect the switch-over to a backup device.

obs-Customizable Notifications

5. Customizable Notifications and Alerts:

Administrators can configure Martina Observe to send notifications or alerts based on user experience indicators. This ensures that any issues are promptly identified and addressed, enabling a proactive approach to network management.

Comprehensive Network Data Collection

6. Comprehensive Reporting on User Experience Metrics:

Martina Observe provides detailed reports on device performance, user experience indicators, and other relevant metrics. This data can be used to identify trends, optimize device performance, and make informed decisions about network maintenance and upgrades.


7. Scalable and Flexible Architecture:

Martina Observe's modular design allows for easy expansion and adaptation to accommodate growing networks and changing requirements. This ensures that Martina Observe remains a valuable asset as your organization's network infrastructure evolves.

Seamless Integration with Martina Observe

8. ITSM (IT service management) Integration:

Martina Observe offers out-of-the-box integration with popular ITSM platforms, enabling efficient incident management, streamlined communication between teams, and improved overall network operations. This integration allows for faster response times and more effective issue resolution.

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