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Meet Joe Brown, Partner Account Manager, USA  

Meet Joe Brown, Partner Account Manager for the USA at Xalient! In our latest employee spotlight, we had the chance to sit down with Joe and learn more about his role here at Xalient. Joe brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to his position, making him an invaluable member of our team. Throughout our conversation, Joe shared insights into his journey at Xalient, his thoughts on the industry, and even some of his personal interests. It’s always fascinating to get to know the people behind the scenes who help make Xalient the successful company it is today. Stay tuned for more employee spotlights to come and get to know the amazing individuals who make up our team here at Xalient!

What is your current role at Xalient and how long have you been part of the Xalient family?  

 I am a Partner Account Manager on Mike Shishman’s (VP – Alliances and Partners) team and have just passed 60 days with Xalient.

What motivated you to join Xalient?  

Prior to 2023, I hadn’t heard of Xalient. The acquisitions of Integral Partners and Grabowsky intrigued me as did Xalient’s AIOps suite. 

How does Xalient align with your career goals and values? 

Xalient places a high value on our customers and partners. I really like working with our partner network and aiding clients in solving business challenges.  

Describe a typical day in your role?  

I’m not sure if any given day is typical, however it normally consists of numerous calls and meetings and collaboration with our key technology partners. 

What do you enjoy most about working at Xalient, so far?

The people.  Everyone I’ve interacted with so far has been fantastic. 

How would you describe the team culture at Xalient?  

The team culture is excellent, and everyone is eager to collaborate.  

What’s your favourite thing about the industry Xalient operates in?  

I enjoy how Xalient focuses on networking, cybersecurity, and identity while also assisting clients in managing and securing their networks. 

Share an interesting fact about yourself that others might not know.   

I played NCAA Division I tennis in college. 

Is there something on your personal or professional bucket list? 

I would love to attend a Super Bowl with Washington playing. 

Are you into any specific tech gadgets or innovations?  

I’m interested in cryptocurrency and how it may bring change to the monetary system. 

What’s the last book you read, or movie/TV show you enjoyed? 

 I enjoy movies about time travel. The last one I watched was The Tomorrow War on Prime. 

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?   

I liked Madrid when I last visited.  Several people said Barcelona is even better. 

What are your must-have apps for productivity or relaxation?   

I rely on Microsoft OneNote for productivity and share it across all my devices. 

What’s an item or possession you cherish the most?  

My bourbon collection is definitely growing. 

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