Meet the team: Lucy Price

Pictured: Lucy Price

Here at Xalient, we have a lot of unsung heroes. That is why we thought it was about time you got to know them all. This month, we have Lucy Price in the hotseat.

Job title

Service Desk Analyst Level 1.

How would you describe your job to a child?

We help people at work make sure everything works properly. I’m the first person they  would call if something went wrong with their internet.

What values drive you?

Autonomy, success and transparency. These values help me try and create positive impact with everything I do.

What are your biggest professional challenges?

Knowledge. Technology moves so quickly and being able to keep up is key.

And what do you believe are the biggest challenges within the technology industry?

Staying current is a huge challenge when the market is constantly evolving.

What do you love the most about working with Xalient?

I love the inclusive environment where everyone supports each other. I also love the charity work Xalient do with local organisations.

And finally, if you had to use a song to describe your working week, what would it be?

Could you be next in the hotseat?

We’re always on the lookout for awesome people to join our team. Whether you are in sales, consulting, project management or service delivery – get in touch with us at as we’d love to hear from you.