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Outdated Identity & Access Systems

Are your outdated, disparate ID & Access Management systems holding you back?

As organisations progress their digital transformation journeys, along with a determined shift of enterprise applications to the cloud, one of the key security strategies being deployed to support the transition is the concept of ‘zero-trust’ networking. Central to this is Identity and Access Management – ensuring that the person demanding access to enterprise resources is who they say they are, then ensuring that confidential information isn’t being shared with unauthorised users and putting your organisation at risk.

Balancing security with a seamless user experience

Device proliferation, the increasing use of cloud applications, mobile working, M&A, and customer-supplier collaboration programmes add to the overall complexity of the identity landscape and can add substantial risk to organisations in terms of security breaches and fraud.

The counterbalance to security is the equally increasing thirst for a faster, more streamlined user experience for employees and customers, with as few authentication roadblocks or complexities as possible. If you’re to satisfy both sets of demands from your business, then it’s more than likely your existing approach to identity and access management just isn’t up to the job anymore.

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Ask yourself:

  • Have you got multiple ID and access management systems across your organisations, all requiring effort to maintain and secure?
  • Have you got significant resources, both in IT and in HR, tied up in maintaining user access, starters and leavers?
  • If you’re engaged in M&A, do you face the battle of integrating directories and harmonising access systems and policies?
  • How complex and time-consuming is it to provision new apps across the organisation using a mix of outdated systems to manage access control?

If all of this sounds like a familiar tale, the good news is there is a better way. A cloud way.

Moving Identity to the Cloud – flexible, simple, fast, effective.

As with other shifts to the cloud, the benefits case stacks up well for a cloud-based ID and Access Management approach. Replacing all of your disparate or outdated systems with a cloud solution provides a single identity platform, flexible enough to handle your business growth, M&A or other changes, robust enough to handle organisation-wide provisioning and decommissioning, all with enhanced usability and security, makes good sense.

Connected and secure.

Once deployed to your employees, these new identity systems then connect to all of your organisation’s applications – HR, email, financial systems, expenses, CRM systems for example – and using role-based access, provide a seamless user experience and much faster access to all necessary apps. Securely.

As new apps are provisioned across your organisation, this can be achieved remotely, at speed, via a centralised platform. Provisioning for new employees is done at the touch of a button and starters/leavers access is fully automated, meaning your new employees can be productive immediately and former employees cannot present a security risk.

Better information for better decision-making.

Finally, visibility. Using a single centralised system, with role-based access at its heart, modern cloud-based ID & Access Management solutions provide full visibility of who has access to what and when enabling effective management and tracking of activity levels and patterns of suspicious behaviour, all in a simple interface. Gone are the days of manual configurations and bundling together outputs from a set of disparate systems.

The benefits of a single cloud identity platform

More secure and enhanced user experience. Single sign-on, ensuring rapid access to all enterprise resources, which an individual has been authorised to use, through role-based access policies.

  • Fast and secure provisioning of cloud applications and services, less management, simpler, faster.

  • Strong audit trail and integration into your cyber security systems, so more secure.

  • Centralised onboarding of new employees or decommissioning employee accounts, reducing overhead and enabling rapid, remote activation – and enabling employees to be more productive from day one.

  • Lower costs from managing multiple outdated systems to just one centralised system.

  • Enhanced real-time management information, enabling better decision making.

  • Rapid deployment, even across the most complex network landscapes. The market-leading solutions can be deployed across global organisations in just weeks, allowing you to accelerate your digital transformation journey.

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Xalient works with the market-leading ID & Access Management solution providers to build, deploy and manage transformational cloud-based solutions for large enterprises.

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