Putting our employees' Mental Health and Wellbeing first

This week marks this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, and here at Xalient, we know how important it is to look after our employees. The importance of not only enjoying work, but how having a balance is key.

Our employee engagement strategy is underpinned by a holistic approach to staff wellbeing. Every employee is encouraged and supported to thrive at Xalient and to fulfil their full potential. When we talk about thriving, we refer to within and outside the workplace and have a duty to support the mental health and wellbeing of our employees.

So what do we offer?

As part of our Employee Assistant Programme, all our employees have access to the ‘My Healthy Advantage’ app. The service works on two levels: first, to aid anyone seeking general information or advice on areas such as sleep, stress, nutrition, exercise, mood, etc. and second, to access 24/7, 365 days a year access to Counselling, CBT, legal, financial and medical support – on the same day as referral. It’s a free resource for employees to use, as and when they choose, and is completely confidential.

We also have employees who have been trained and accredited in Mental Health First Aid. They are on hand to better support our team offering knowledgeable help and advice, and can be contacted during work hours to talk about anything that might be causing staff a concern. They can also help to point them in the right direction for further support as appropriate.

Our Culture and Inclusion Programme has been designed to sustain the Xalient culture, across every professional discipline and all geographies, to be truly immersive and benefit all team members. It’s a programme for our people, to recognise and appreciate their great value, provide a work environment they enjoy and where they will thrive and open a continual channel to communicate easily with others. It  ensures the delivery of our commitment to diversity, inclusion and equality, give sharp focus to our Team Members’ wellbeing and enable participation for all to influence and evolve our business, as it grows.

We also continue to roll our frequent mindful workshops, self help videos and support, access to NLP coaching as well as regular social events in the offices. We find these social events give our team a break away from the working environment and the opportunity to reconnect (finally!) with face-to-face interactions in a social environment.

Xalient are proud to offer a number of mental health and wellbeing tools to everyone in our team, irrespective of location, to ensure they have access to the right support if and when they need it.