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Software-Defined Wide Area Network

SD-WAN Readiness Accelerator

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Defining strategic direction

There are many factors forcing organisations to rethink and redesign their network strategies and undertake modernisation projects. One of the possible directions to take is an SD-WAN approach.

The key to the Xalient SD-WAN Readiness Accelerator is our ability to engage with key stakeholders and clearly agree on business drivers and expected outcomes at the outset. Our Accelerator Assessment comprises of a review of your current network design and configuration, the definition of future state requirements, expert recommendation and outline of a roadmap.

The Multiple Benefits of SD-WAN

There are many business drivers for SD-WAN, the most common being:


Reduce network complexity

Support a
Cloud-First strategy

Increase network security

Enable an agile workforce

Improve user experience

Martina Observe

Gain greater network visibility

Carrier & ISP Management

Carrier flexibility

Lower cost of ownership

Cost savings

24-7 monitoring improvement

Reduce time to deploy services

presrv-Advanced Network

Improve operational efficiencies

SD-WAN Readiness Accelerator Approach


The accelerator comprises four key stages:

CSPM Accelerator icon Scope


Business drivers and objectives are discussed and agreed


  • Network design
  • Security topology and policies
  • Utilisation and costs


  • Business requirements and constraints
  • Technical requirements and constraints
  • Incorporation of future growth plans


Following discovery and analysis phases you will receive a report which will include a summary of technical recommendations based on the original business objectives and scoping workshop including the following key outputs:


  • Gaps that exist between the current environment and the desired future–state
  • Options and recommendations for future–state
  • Identification of required remediation activities


Identification of required remediation activities.

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Let our specialists show you how our SD-WAN Assessment can reduce your network complexity, increase security and provide your workforce with an agile environment.

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SD-WAN Readiness Accelerator

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