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This webinar will help you answer:

  • Is a managed service right for your organisation?
  • What should I be considering before deploying an SD-WAN solution?
  • What managed service capabilities are crucial for achieving my business objectives

    About the webinar

    You’re considering SD-WAN as the right solution for your organisation – with the potential to improve the performance of your applications through efficient bandwidth utilisation and thereby enable you to accelerate your business.

    However, implementing and managing an SD-WAN is a challenge. Working with the right partner to manage your SD-WAN can help you realise the benefits faster. But how do you know which one is right for you?

    Aimed at IT teams and decision-makers currently evaluating or deploying an SD-WAN, this webinar will help you understand what SD-WAN managed service capabilities are crucial for achieving your business objectives and how best to evaluate various managed service offerings.

    This is the first webinar in an SD-WAN series hosted by Steve Tucker, Xalient UK Sales Director with presenters Kieran Darlow, Head of Managed Services and David McGrail, Principal Consultant.


    Steve Tucker
    UK Sales Director

    Steve is Xalient’s UK Sales Director and is responsible for driving strategic growth here in the UK.
    He has over 20 year’s experience in enterprise and channel sales across all areas of IT including cloud, networks, UC, and outsourcing.

    Dave McGrail
    Principal Consultant

    Dave is a Principal Consultant at Xalient with over 15 years of experience in telecoms, UC, contact centre, networking, and security technologies. Dave provides strategic and technical consultancy as a trusted adviser to Xalient’s customers, with a proven track record for driving secure network transformations for global enterprises to help achieve business objectives.

    Kieran Darlow
    Head of Managed Services

    Kieran is Xalient’s Head of Managed Services and responsible for the entirety of the Managed Function – from its 24/7 customer service desk through to the strategic roadmap and development which currently involves incorporating capability around machine learning and AI.