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SD-WAN Services

Our experts have a proven track record of successful designing, deploying and managing SD-WAN networks across the world.

Rethink your Network
with SD-WAN

Improve your network’s:



Mould your network to match your organisation’s ever-changing needs - determine your traffic thresholds.


Smarter routing means you can direct business-critical traffic over the best-performing connections.



SD-WAN ensures a greater level of resilience through multiple connections and automatic switching so as to minimise potential disruption to end users.

Turbo Charge
your SD-WAN

Deliver SASE services with SONA

SONA connects users to services, on-demand, at software speed with its secure, software-defined connectivity.

Working with any SD-WAN technology, it boosts traffic performance over the internet, delivering Cloud On-Ramp capabilities that bring applications, not just SD-WAN, but Security, Collaboration and your SaaS apps too, right to the door of users, regardless of where either your users or those apps reside.

Our Zero Trust Framework

Xalient considers security to be the most critical part of any network transformation programme. That’s why all of Xalient’s solutions are framed within our zero-trust framework to provide our customers with a forward-looking approach to their security architecture.

This is vital because migrating network services from a private WANinfrastructure, such as MPLS, to an SD-WAN solution, moves an organization’s security architecture from a model with few egress points, where security policy can be defined and enforced, to a widely distributed model where all locations can be considered egress points.

The benefits are gained through considerable efficiencies when routing network traffic and maximizing the user experience but expose a need for security management to ensure consistency of policy application.

Case Study

Burgess & Niple

Flexible, high-performance SD-WAN to support's Burgess and Niple's expansion strategy

Well-known US-based engineering and architecture firm Burgess & Niple turned to Xalient to design and implement a Silver Peak SD-WAN solution, providing a secure, scalable platform for growth.

More From Xalient

It’s important for organizations to understand the business and technology impacts when making the change from a traditional MPLS network to SD-WAN or a hybrid network. Our SD-WAN experts will provide you with the valuable insight and recommendations you need to make an informed choice and accelerate your journey.

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Portrait of Mark Foulsham, Board Advisor, NED, COO/CIO, Fractional Support, Digital Leadership Coach

Mark Foulsham

Board Advisor, NED, COO/CIO, Fractional Support, Digital Leadership Coach

With a broad background as a COO/CIO/CDO, C-Suite Advisor, NED, Senior Transformation Leader and Coach, Mark tackles multiple fronts from the advantage of diverse experience in business operations, technology, procurement, delivery and risk. With a deep knowledge of business models from multiple sectors and extensive experience in fast-paced digital start-ups.

Mark’s work across extensive business types, functions and countries empowers him with experience to bear across silos. Mark has built a reputation for advocating cross-business collaboration, taking a pragmatic approach and championing transformative change.