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Securing your Business

Security Posture Accelerator

Strengthening your Security Posture

In a landscape where we are continuing to see high profile data exposures and malware attacks, the importance of maintaining a strong security position has never been more important. This Accelerator is designed to fortify the security of your business.

The vast scope of the security services and capabilities can make the assessment of a company’s current security state difficult to determine. 

The Xalient Security Posture Accelerator is a short consultancy-based engagement designed to report on a company’s current cyber security risks and provide you with a set of prioritised remediation actions to address those risks.

Find out more about how our Security Posture Accelerator can help you protect your business by addressing your enterprise’s cyber-security risk position.

Security Posture Accelerator Approach


Review business drivers and desired outcomes. Identify assessment targets and locations. Agree assessment operational parameters. Identify dependencies on other business areas or third parties.

OUTPUT: Costed SoW


Completion of assessment statement of works. Exchange of technical and escalation contact details. Customer provides advanced documentation, as agreed/required.

OUTPUT: Contract completion and customer readiness



Notification of assessment start to defined contacts. Assessment execution following defined schedule and notification process. Notification of assessment completion to defined contacts.

OUTPUT: Collated assessment data


Consolidation of collected data into a single consistent data set. Analysis of the data against the assessment outcomes and business drivers. Creation of the assessment reports and other deliverables.

OUTPUT: Reports & assessment outcomes

Review - confirmation ZT


Presentation of the assessment results to the relevant stakeholders. Identification of any follow on activities. Customer sign-off for assessment completion.

OUTPUT: Recommendations & Roadmap

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Let our experts show you how our Security Posture Accelerator can help you identify potential weaknesses in your structure and enhance your comapny's cyber security defenses.

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Security Posture Accelerator

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Board Advisor, NED, COO/CIO, Fractional Support, Digital Leadership Coach

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