Fast threat detection. Even faster remediation.

Security information and event management (SIEM) is a set of advanced threat-detection technologies that combine to give your organisation a holistic view of its cyber security positioning. SIEM collects security log events from numerous hosts within your enterprise – such as your intrusion detection and endpoint detection systems – and captures the relevant data centrally. By correlating this data, SIEM immediately flags anomalies and generates alerts, enabling corrective action to be taken as soon as such threats occur. As well as this, a SIEM solution delivers centralised analysis and a full suite of management reports, giving you a holistic view of your threat landscape.

With organisations facing ever-increasing cyber threats every day, SIEM is both a critically important management tool to monitor and manage your cyber security landscape and a powerful tool that meets the growing demands for security compliance.


Fully managed, fully compliant.

Xalient works with market-leading SIEM solution vendors to offer a 24/7 fully managed and scalable SIEM service, that can be designed and deployed quickly and efficiently. Supported by experienced security engineers dedicated to threat detection, and always up to date with emerging threats in the marketplace, our service is designed to provide you and your team with timeĀ to focus on the most important task of remediation rather than detection, all the while keeping you and your organisation safe.

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Security & audit compliance

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We can supplement the 24/7 monitoring & alerting of a SIEM solution with a managed service to analyse andĀ advise on any remediation to ensure any solution delivers full business value.

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Scalable - it can be implemented immediately to meet any short-term needs whilst allowing for growth and future network strategy.

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Specialist technical knowledge with tried and tested experience of installing and delivering SIEM solutions.

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