It’s time to rethink your network with SD-WAN.

Working with market-leading SD-WAN and cloud security technology partners, Xalient offers a managed SD-WAN solution and Cloud Security Platform that enables you to:

1. Connect your company’s offices and data centres using broadband connections as well as MPLS circuits.

2. Break out traffic locally to the Internet and cloud-hosted applications from branch offices – without backhauling it going via your corporate data centres.

3. Experience good QoS over relatively inexpensive broadband connections.

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It’s important for organisations to understand the business and technology impacts when making the change from a traditional MPLS network to SD-WAN or a hybrid network. Our SD-WAN Readiness Accelerator will provide you with the valuable insight and recommendations you need to make an informed choice and accelerate your journey.

SD-WAN Readiness Accelerator

SD-WAN managed service. Where your objectives become ours.

Transforming your network is complex and intricate. With Xalient Managed Services, we take away the complexity involved in establishing and managing a multi-vendor environment, ensuring you get the best value and performance whilst avoiding being locked in with carriers.

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Turbocharge your SD-WAN and deliver SASE services with SONA

SONA connects users to services, on-demand, at software speed with its secure, software-defined connectivity. Working with any SD-WAN technology, it boosts traffic performance over the internet, delivering Cloud On-Ramp capabilities that bring applications, not just SD-WAN, but Security, Collaboration and your SaaS apps too, right to the door of users, regardless of where either your users or those apps reside.

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Flexible, high-performance SD-WAN to support's Burgess and Niple's expansion strategy

Well-known US-based engineering and architecture firm Burgess & Niple turned to Xalient to design and implement a Silver Peak SD-WAN solution, providing a secure, scalable platform for growth.

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The Zero Trust Framework

SDWAN occupies the “Secure Transport” module of the Xalient Zero Trust Framework.


We don’t just apply the concept of Zero Trust to users and applications. We know that the wide area network is the keystone technology for maintaining productivity the world of the distributed workforce.


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15th April 2020

Looking to adopt SASE? Here's what you should consider first.

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31st October 2019

Why security should be the first step on your SD-WAN journey

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24th June 2019

SD-WAN: The case for independent 'managed overlay' services

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