Need to connect temporary sites, quickly and cost effectively?

The construction and engineering services sector has very specific challenges of providing enterprise-grade connectivity to enable access to critical data-heavy and cloud-based applications on sites. Waiting weeks or even months for an MPLS connection brings delays and ultimately cost to the business.  Interim solutions may not be able to offer sufficient bandwidth to support critical and real-time applications, causing frustration among employees, adding further project delays and incurring further cost.

A familiar challenge.

Similar challenges face other sectors. It could be setting up a temporary ‘pop up’ shop if you’re a retailer, it could be a specific event – a festival, a Formula One meeting, an exhibition site – all need a fast deployment of a temporary network that can handle significant traffic and bandwidth heavy needs.

How can we help?

Xalient has a suite of solutions specifically designed to offer rapid site connectivity where fixed-line circuits are simply not a practical option. Xalient’s ability to leverage broadband, Wi-Fi and cellular connections, combined with our expertise in the design and application of SD-WAN technology and security solutions, helps us accelerate all types of these temporary deployments.

We ensure a business can achieve rapid and secure connectivity to remote and temporary sites, driving previously unrealisable, yet all important, cost and productivity gains, as well as ensuring a high-quality user experience.

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