Rapid network activation
for acquisitions and new sites.

When it comes to onboarding new locations, one of the greatest challenges facing large multi-site organisations is the lead time to get new sites connected to the corporate network. This could be adding from new branches to a retail network, bringing a new acquisition and its operating locations into your WAN, or setting up a temporary site if you’re a construction, project services or retail organisation. Exactly the same challenge exists for divestments, where decommissioning sites quickly and efficiently to avoid unnecessary costs is vitally important.

Take retail for example.

Retailers, for example, typically have a complex, dispersed network of locations, often stretching across the globe. Their businesses depend on applications like point-of-sale and inventory management running without interruption, increasingly often 24/7. An increasing reliance on bandwidth-heavy applications like VoIP and unified communications means that jitter, latency and network downtime not only put intense pressure on their networks but more importantly, have a direct impact on bottom line performance.

It’s important for retailers to be able to add new branches to their networks as quickly as possible. One of the biggest challenges that they face is the time it takes to provision new circuits, schedule installations and update application access policies.  Also, many retailers, particularly the larger ones, have grown though acquisition, so their network landscape is often a complex patchwork of designs, devices and vendors, with very little standardisation – all requiring a lot of complexity management. Adding branches is a headache.

A familiar headache.

That same headache exists in all other industries when faced with the challenge of integrating acquisitions and divestments. Ensuring fast connectivity to the corporate network, facilitating early collaboration and communication, and providing access to business-critical apps, is just as important.

How can we help?

Xalient’s Network Transformation Solutions provide a fast and effective way of overlaying the application connectivity required on top of these complex network landscapes to achieve results. Combining SD-WAN technology, access and identity management solutions and robust cloud security, we deliver rapid, policy-based remote configuration to get new locations connected and provide the most secure access to corporate applications – all without major reconfiguration of your existing infrastructure.

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