Is there a more secure, cloud-based alternative to costly VPN?

Thirty years ago, the corporate network was relatively simple. Security consisted of protecting applications inside the network and building a secure perimeter around them.

But then things changed. Applications began moving to the cloud, extending the perimeter to the internet. Users began using the cloud to access corporate apps and wanting to work from any device, anywhere —using a VPN was the only solution.

Time to Rethink Remote Access VPN

Remote access VPNs worked well in the network-centric world, but in the age of cloud and mobility, application access needs to be independent of the network. It’s time to rethink the remote access VPN.

Today, private application access is shifting away from network-centric approaches and enterprises have begun seeking a modern solution where users are never on the network and app access is granted on a zero trust, or least privilege basis. Because of this, many have turned to the software-defined perimeter (SDP). Built for the modern enterprise, this model enables secure access by exclusively connecting authorised users to specific private applications, without placing users on the network.


5 Compelling Benefits

The benefits over traditional VPN are compelling:

  • Improves remote user experience: SDP’s are designed to deliver a faster and more seamless experience for all users, regardless of device, location, or application
  • SDP de-couples application access from network access, creating a dark-net for both network and apps via outbound only connections.
  • Simplifies implementation and management: since SDP’s rely solely on software, they are simple to deploy, they enable “set and forget” policies, and there are no physical or virtual appliances
  • Reduces overall cost
  • Secures your people, your assets and your organisation’s reputation.


How we can help 

Xalient works with leading cloud security solution providers to build, deploy and manage transformational secure networks for large enterprises. We provide a cloud-based, software-defined service that gives secure access to all private applications, without the need for a remote access VPN.

No appliances are required, but instead these solutions use their own security cloud to deliver scalable, remote and local access to enterprise apps while never placing users on the network. Using micro-encrypted tunnels and cloud-enforced policies they create a segment of one between an authorised user and a named application. The inside-out connectivity makes both the network and applications invisible to the internet, creating an isolated environment around each application. And ultimate security and peace of mind for your enterprise.

To find out more about more effective, more secure, scalable alternatives to VPN, get in touch with one of our security experts today.

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