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Wide Area Network

WAN Performance Accelerator


Addressing WAN performance

Increasing cloud adoption and digital transformation are forcing organisations to rethink and redesign their network strategies, their application landscapes and undertake modernisation projects. Consequently, there are many challenges organisations face when trying to determine which direction to take.
Addressing WAN performance through Xalient’s WAN Performance Accelerator should be your first step.

Benefits of Cloud Adoption

Lower cost of ownership

Cost reduction

Identify areas where reductions in WAN total cost of ownership can be made.

Enhance user experience

Improve security

Identify potential security threats

Increase ROI

Identify issues with existing infrastructure, both with performance and lifecycle

Improve operational efficiencies

Identify potential bottlenecks, remediate and even pre-empt performance issues

Metrics for Impact Assessment

Capacity Planning

Track current utilisation, apply trend analysis and predict future requirements


Assist with future strategies

WAN Performance Accelerator Approach

The delivery of the Xalient Accelerator services follows a structured approach to ensure the required customer outcomes, while keeping the impact on the environment to a minimum. This incorporates an initial scoping workshop to fully qualify the requirements and business deliverables.


Review business drivers and desired outcomes. Identify assessment targets and locations. Agree assessment operational parameters. Identify dependencies on other business areas or third parties.
OUTPUT: Costed SoW


Completion of assessment statement of works.
Confirm access requirements both physical and remote.
Provision of any account credentials required to perform the assessment.
Exchange of technical and escaltion contact details.
OUTPUT: Assessment tool deployment


Notification of assessment start to defined contacts.
Assessment execution following defined schedule and notification process.
Notification of assessement completion to defined contacts.
OUTPUT: Collated assessment data


Analysis of the findings against the assessment outcomes and business drivers.
Creation of the assessment reports and other deliverables.
OUTPUT: Reports & assessment outcomes
Review - confirmation ZT


Presentation of the assessment results to the relevant stakeholders.

Identification of any follow on activities. Customer sign-off for assessment completion.
OUTPUT: Recommendations & Roadmap

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Portrait of Mark Foulsham, Board Advisor, NED, COO/CIO, Fractional Support, Digital Leadership Coach

Mark Foulsham

Board Advisor, NED, COO/CIO, Fractional Support, Digital Leadership Coach

With a broad background as a COO/CIO/CDO, C-Suite Advisor, NED, Senior Transformation Leader and Coach, Mark tackles multiple fronts from the advantage of diverse experience in business operations, technology, procurement, delivery and risk. With a deep knowledge of business models from multiple sectors and extensive experience in fast-paced digital start-ups.

Mark’s work across extensive business types, functions and countries empowers him with experience to bear across silos. Mark has built a reputation for advocating cross-business collaboration, taking a pragmatic approach and championing transformative change.