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Women in Technology

Helping to address the gender imbalance within the tech industry.

Women in Tech

Women in Tech

Here at Xalient, we are keen to do our part in helping address the gender imbalance within the tech industry.

According to the BCS’s Women in IT scorecard, just 17% of people working in the technology industry are women. Likewise, a report by Women in Technology which surveyed over 1,000 women working in the technology sector found “70% of women from both large organisations and SME’s alike reported a gender imbalance in their current workplace”.  Although significant steps have been undertaken to address the imbalance, it’s clear there is still continued work to be done.

Xalient Celebrating International Women’s Day

Addressing the imbalance

At Xalient we are keen to play our part in addressing the current imbalance.

Our People

Our people are at the heart of our business and are integral to our success. We have women in tech working across the business in a variety of roles – from Sales and Marketing through to Managed Services.

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