Starting your Digital Transformation on the front foot.

We have a suite of assessments called ‘Accelerators’ because that’s exactly what they do. Whether you’re looking at improving agility, thinking about network transformation – considering SD-WAN, driving towards zero-based networking, enhancing cloud security, looking at new approaches to identity or building a SASE solution – or just want to improve the performance of your current network – we have an Accelerator to suit.

Typically we start with a review of your current IT infrastructure, security, your business and its requirements. This can be a simple health check or a more extensive review and assessment; it sets the foundation, identifies quick wins and informs future direction. At the end, you’ll be well equipped to get started with a roadmap and action plan in place.

Every client is different – we recognise that and so we don’t offer standard solutions, all are tailored to your business. But whatever your challenge, using our Accelerators is a sure-fire way to kick-start a new initiative and achieve your ambition in the fastest possible time.

Secure Network & Communications Strategy.

Our experienced consultants work with you to develop your strategy and roadmap, ensuring that processes and technology are reviewed and evolve to meet the changing needs of your business and your marketplace.

We can help modernise and simplify your network infrastructure, whilst improving its security, ensuring your organisation is well-equipped to meet its growing digital needs and requirements for the future.



Product Evaluation. Selecting the best of breed.

Once a strategy has been defined, we then evaluate, together with our clients, the most appropriate technology products and services from the leading vendors in the market. Xalient is independent of vendors and carriers and our experts routinely scan the market for innovative, but proven, security, networking and communication solutions, continually testing and comparing to determine ‘best of breed’ for our clients.

We recognise each client is different – as a result we consult with an independent view and utilise our expertise from a wide range of areas to advise the best possible solution for customers.

Once a solution is designed and fully tested, through proof of concepts or pilot projects, we then deploy our solutions, right across the globe. Most of our clients prefer to use our Xalient 365 Managed Services from this point on, leaving us to expertly manage and maintain your networks, keeping them secure and resilient, leaving you to focus on your business.

WANDA - WAN. Delivered and Assured.

Delivering your Digital Transformation

Xalient’s innovative automated rapid deployment system takes Zero Touch Provisioning to the next level. WANDA is built into Xalient’s standard deployment methodology, with configuration built ahead of installations, for efficient large scale rollouts. WANDA helps ensure:

  • Quick and simple deployment at scale
  • Reduced errors in the installation process
  • Improved user experience

Managing your Digital Transformation

Our Managed Service helps customers be more secure, flexible and efficient by providing tried and trusted user and infrastructure support to accelerate their business growth.