The Client

The insurance industry is often hampered in its move to modern, cloud-based technology by its old and complex legacy systems. Gryphon Group Holdings saw an opportunity to tackle this problem head on by creating a new insurance brand, and an entire new business, from scratch. With a strong management team, all boasting many years industry experience, they successfully launched their new insurance company on 15 May 2018, trading as Guardian, a new challenger brand in the insurance sector.  

The Challenge

As a brand new company, Guardian needed a whole suite of network, telephony and contact centre environments and solutions that would allow them to deliver a completely new and effective customer experience, offering greater transparency around every interaction and genuinely setting Guardian apart in the marketplace. Unhampered by legacy systems, the company wanted to use this opportunity to create best in class, purpose-built solutions, using modern, cloud-based technologies.  

The Solution

Xalient were called in to help design a solution that would include Unified Communications, Contact Centre, Advanced Network Technologies and Network Transport. The Company recognised that Xalient had skills in newer modern, cloud-based technologies and solutions, so could design a solution that mirrored their overall ‘cloud first’ technology strategy. This solution designed and built by Xalient used Genesys Purecloud, integrated into Guardian’s business processes, CRM and web content platforms to provide communications-enabled business processes that ensure the highest standards of transparent, efficient customer service. The solution is fully managed by Xalient’s Network Operations Centre as part of its Xalient 365 Managed Services.  


Guardian has followed a ‘cloud-only’ strategy, made possible by being free of legacy, premise-based platforms, providing choice, flexibility and the foundation for a vastly more agile business than others in the insurance marketplace. The Company launched mid-2018 with its systems in place, fit for purpose, innovative and in keeping with being a true challenger brand.

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