A single provider, for all your requirements.

As a multi-national organisation, serving your customers around the globe from multiple sites and managing your own communication network is likely to be a huge headache, not to mention cost in terms of both complexity and people, for your business to orchestrate.

Having a single provider for all of your global requirements would be the logical choice; but to put all of your eggs in one basket would require an enormous amount of confidence and trust in the company supplying the service.

That’s where Xalient comes in.

Creating, delivering and managing your IT globally

Here at Xalient we have a proven approach to create, deliver and manage your IT and networking solutions across the globe, delivered by an experienced team of world-class technology partners.

From the complex challenges of currency, tax and logistical management, all the way through to the guaranteed quality and integrity of our service in country, we make it our business to deliver against your requirements so you can focus on your customers.

One global contract, one global SLA

With over 150 partners in 147 countries, and access to more than 5,000 engineers worldwide, the Xalient Global Network allows us to offer organisations a single global contract, standardised technology platforms and a single global SLA.

And, with local support, multi-currency billing and engineers who, crucially, understand the local environment, we ensure delivery excellence to pull our clients, wherever they are in the world.

What does this mean for you?

  • One Global Strategy, contract and SLA – simplifying procurement, operations and billing processes – all centrally managed, with local points of contact.
  • Comprehensive service and support model – tailored to your specific requirements, by country or site.
  • Access to highly trained local engineers – working with your local contacts to build long term relationships and knowledge.
  • Access to a huge base of spare parts – located in-country for fast delivery.
  • Competitive pricing – leveraging global spend for economies of scale.

Trust in Xalient

Our support services can be delivered across the entire Xalient solution range, offering global voice, data, contact centre, security, SD-WAN and network services.

Trust in Xalient to increase your efficiencies, optimise your resources, reduce your costs and ensure consistent delivery, through our dedicated, centralised, management team.

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