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Xalient launches AI-powered Virtual Network Engineer through research collaboration with leading UK University


Xalient, global providers of secure network transformation services, today announces the ‘at-scale’ launch of Martina, a unique AI-powered ‘virtual engineer’ that strengthens Xalient’s Managed Services portfolio with the capability to provide advanced self-diagnosing and self-healing network monitoring. 

Martina, named after her core capability of Monitoring through Artificial Intelligence and Analytics, brings further innovation to the Xalient365 Managed Service and delivers significant benefits to Xalient customers. 

Xalient has worked with a team of Networking and AI research experts at The University of Bradford, through its Knowledge Transfer Partnership to develop and then pilot Martina successfully in a number of Xalient’s customers in recent months. The University of Bradford was selected by Xalient for its reputation as a leading technology university, one that has digital innovation at the forefront of its research, and whose research is regarded as world-leading and internationally recognised.

As networks become ever more complex with increasing numbers of connected devices and traffic, being able to diagnose and resolve network performance issues or potential security breaches quickly and efficiently has become a major headache for large organisations. Xalient, through its Xalient365 Managed Service already supports and protects its many global customers with proactive network monitoring services. In Xalient’s pursuit of continuous service innovation, Martina takes this service capability to a new level, providing a market differentiator that is unique to Xalient. 

Sherry Vaswani, Founder & CEO at Xalient commented “Prediction is key in any walk of life to make decisions and changes; it’s no different monitoring massively complex global networks and security. If you know what issues might occur in advance, you can radically improve the outcome. After two years of investment, we’re now really excited to introduce Martina fully into our Xalient365 Managed Service offering, augmenting the sophisticated monitoring tools already used within our SD-WAN portfolio”.  

Using vast amounts of machine learning and big data analyses, Martina uses predictive analytics to solve performance issues, often before users are even aware of them. This delivers an improved customer experience, enabling the collection of actionable insights that drive network performance and importantly, enabling faster identification and resolution of network issues. Through an intelligent customer service dashboard, Martina uses advanced pattern algorithms and draws on customer-specific data analyses, creating a bespoke, enhanced service experience. 

Mark Cooke, Xalient’s Chief Operating Officer is excited about the benefits Martina brings to Xalient’s customers: “As our virtual engineer, Martina can help triage and resolve issues much faster, often, through self-healing. This results in less downtime, enhanced security and a better experience for our customers. Its development has also provided our people with a great opportunity to be involved at the forefront of AI innovation, particularly where the outcome means they can focus on more strategic aspects of service delivery while Martina takes care of many of the day to day issues.”

“As more and more companies look to providers like Xalient to manage their complex global networks, we see Martina as a distinct market differentiator. Using the power of AI, we look forward to further developing Martina’s capabilities through our collaboration with the University of Bradford as we drive towards the autonomous networks of the future” added Sherry Vaswani.

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