Xalient Global Managed Services

The businesses that succeed are those who recognise the need to invest in digital transformation to stay ahead of their competitors. Your network plays a critical role in what you can achieve and being able to do more with less.

Our Managed Service helps customers be more secure, flexible and efficient by providing tried and trusted user and infrastructure support to accelerate their business growth.

Managing your network shouldn’t be a headache you put up with. From bandwidth upgrades to onboarding new sites, we can ensure your team has the time to focus on core business objectives.

Stop hearing noise and start gaining actionable insights.
Introducing Martina.

Traditional telemetry based monitoring tools rely on fixed threshold alerting, sending alerts when infrastructure elements reach a specific level of usage or criticality.

These techniques often mask other signals that can indicate a problem, for example an unexpected drop in utilisation indicating a system isn’t transmitting the traffic that would normally be expected.

Understanding what abnormal behaviour is, based on previous data, is the next level in infrastructure telemetry. Our AIOps platform Martina provides this as part of our managed service offering, allowing us to give customer actionable insights, not noise, upon which to take action.

Network Operations Centre

Xalient’s global Network Operations Centre comprises an always on, 24x7x365 ITIL Service Desk and Technical Management team that provides customers with a single point of contact for all aspects of our service.  Our vendor accredited engineers take full ownership for all tickets raised, building a positive customer experience by providing regular, meaningful resolution updates until a solution is established.

Change Management

Change Management is a critical function for the success of Xalient’s managed service.

Our change teamwork alongside our customers to align all change and transition processes fully, thereby ensuring any potential adverse impact to services can be avoided or mitigated as changes occur. 

Customer Success

Xalient designates a Customer Success Manager to each of our clients, supported by a wider Customer Success Management team, ensuring there can be no single point of failure. We also ensure functional and hierarchical points of contact are available 24/7 to engage with critical stakeholders in the event of business impacting events, such as a major incident.

Carrier & ISP Management

We can provide ISP services as part of our Managed Service, and, as we’re completely independent of carriers, we’re proud to be able to give our customers the benefit of our knowledge of the global carrier marketplace to help select the optimum carrier or mix of carriers to meet their business needs. These services can be fully managed by Xalient, taking the pressure of often complex contract and performance management off your team, leaving you to focus on your strategic priorities.

Technical expertise. Underpinned by quality.

All our support teams adhere to industry best practices such as ITILv3 and our Information Security Management System (ISMS) is accredited to ISO27001(2015).

Your Zero Trust Service Partner

The sheer number of tools and applications required to secure digital interaction is growing. Our Zero Trust Framework provides a technology response to common points of compromise; but managing a growing application landscape introduces additional overhead that overburden traditional IT functions.


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