Xalient partners with ‘Make it Wild’ to offset carbon footprint

As part of the company’s wider plans to reduce our carbon footprint, last year we collaborated with an organisation named ‘Make It Wild’ (MIW) in a bid to off-set out carbon footprint and help us on our way to becoming carbon neutral. Make it Wild encourages people to take responsibility for their carbon footprint. They offer individuals and businesses the possibility of offsetting their own carbon footprint through planting trees and improving their ‘green’ credentials.

So far we have off-set 100 tonnes of Co2 with MIW planting trees on our behalf, and have recently purchased another 100 tonne to off-set again this year, as we work towards achieving a carbon neutral status.

Speaking of the initiative Strategic People Advisor, Annie Davies said:

 “We’ve chosen to plant trees because trees are the best technology we have to remove Co2 and at Xalient, we’re all about the tech that we can trust into the future. But it’s not just about trees, and on our quest to become a carbon neutral organisation we have implemented a number of other initiatives that are effective and efficient at energy reduction. We are aware that the climate crisis is the greatest challenge of our, or indeed any generation and the only way we can solve it is if we all play our part.”

To read more about our Corporate and Social Responsibility please click here.https://xalient.com/corporate-social-responsibility/