Xalient Secures ISO 20000 Certification in IT Service Management  

Xalient has been awarded the ISO 20000 certification in IT Service Management for its commitment to providing the highest-quality IT services to its customers, following a rigorous review of its processes and procedures.

As an internationally recognized mark of quality and excellence, the certification awarded by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) demonstrates an organization’s ability to efficiently and effectively align its service management processes in accordance with international best practices. This certification establishes credibility and trust among customers, stakeholders and other business partners by guaranteeing that the entity meets extremely high global standards of service and quality.

By achieving this accreditation, Xalient has demonstrated that its Managed and Professional Services business units are aligned with all requirements for the ISO 20000 standards. This further adds to Xalient’s international standards credentials, including its continued certification to Information Security Management (ISO27001), which was successfully obtained in December 2022.

Craig Ingham, Head of Governance & Compliance at Xalient, said: “For the last three years, Xalient has been committed to maturing its service management framework, which has involved aligning comprehensive controls, policies, documentation and processes, as well as constant assessment of performance and continual improvement; all to industry best practice. We believe this certification is a testament to Xalient being a world-class service provider, always striving to give our customers the best level and quality of service. This achievement would not have been possible without the contributions, support and dedication of the Xalient team. We all look forward to continuing to meet the needs of our global customer base, now and in the future.”

Further commenting on the certification, Sherry Vaswani, Group Chief Executive Officer at Xalient, adds: “We are proud to join a select group of companies worldwide that has taken the bold step to assure our customers that we have defined and implemented the best practices for IT service management. This ISO 20000 certification will be a distinguishing factor for us, highlighting Xalient’s commitment to our customers by demonstrating our vigilance in ensuring the IT services we provide are of the highest calibre and are measured against the only existing internationally recognized standard.”