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Written by Steven Daniëls, Scott Silver and Mike Shishman, Xalient

To kick-off 2024, the Xalient group (Integral Partners and Grabowsky) is excited to be attending and sponsoring the Sail Forward SailPoint SKO in Las Vegas.  The event provides the perfect opportunity to showcase the new global reach and award-winning SailPoint expertise that our three companies now provide.

The identity security industry is rapidly expanding, especially as it has become the cornerstone of zero trust architectures. Enterprises need an intelligent autonomous identity foundation, one built on a zero trust approach, and SailPoint together with Xalient is well placed to deliver this. The demand for an AI-based approach in a single solution combined with skilled professionals to support, develop and implement such a solution has never been higher. SailPoint’s Identity Security platform provides an innovative centralised cloud-based identity solution that automates the process of managing digital identities, monitoring and controlling access to sensitive data, reducing the risk of data breaches, as well as improving compliance with industry regulations.

Xalient’s recent acquisitions of Grabowsky and Integral Partners has greatly strengthened our position as a leading provider of IAM services and solutions worldwide, enabling us to provide even more value for our customers. This is especially true when it comes to the SailPoint platform.  Both Grabowsky and Integral Partners have been SailPoint Delivery Admiral Partners for many years.  Delivery Admiral status is a prestigious award given to partners who undergo significant testing and training around SailPoint technologies. They must also offer certified resources while showing independently verified implementation excellence and customer satisfaction.

Grabowsky is an EMEA Delivery Admiral Partner for Software and SaaS and has significant presence in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg markets.  Integral Partners is an AMS Delivery Admiral Partner for Software and SaaS and well-established in the US. This incredible combination of award-winning expertise puts Xalient in a select group of the top SailPoint Admiral partners globally. Together we bring extensive experience across Identity Security, including identity governance and administration (IGA), privileged access management (PAM), and customer identity access management (CIAM).

These acquisitions also further expands our ability to support our customers and partners like SailPoint globally with Xalient’s 24/7 Managed Services Centre of Excellence in Europe.  This means we have a very sophisticated, robust, and scalable offering – a full suite of zero trust services that IAM and secure networking deliver together to meet enterprise requirements both now and in the future.

Zero trust architecture has rapidly become the foundation of modern cybersecurity, and secure networking, and Identity Security are at the heart of zero trust. AI will also play a significant role in zero trust frameworks as these technologies help to continuously analyse network patterns and user behaviour to detect anomalies that might indicate a security threat. This enables quicker and more effective responses to potential breaches and, alongside identity, will play a pivotal role in the evolution of zero trust models. Today we are seeing growing global demand for IAM strategies and solutions, driven by the increased protection needed around digital transformation initiatives.  Secure networking is often where a zero trust strategy starts, which is where Xalient is world-class.

Customers are increasingly recognising that identity is the new perimeter, and the interdependencies between identity, security, and networking in order to adhere to true zero trust principles and are turning to specialist providers like us. Our recent acquisitions broaden our geographic reach, bolster our sales and consulting teams, and put us in a strong position to support global enterprise requirements and our partners like SailPoint.

We are keen to work closely with SailPoint to ensure its team and customers benefit from the global expertise that the expanded Xalient, Integral Partners, and Grabowsky provide.  Our sponsorship of the 2024 SailPoint SKO in Las Vegas is an exciting part of that!

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Mark Foulsham

Board Advisor, NED, COO/CIO, Fractional Support, Digital Leadership Coach

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