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Xalient Unveils MARTINA Predict 2.0: Revolutionizing AIOps with Advanced Anomaly Detection and Predictive Insights

Xalient, a global leader in identity and access management (IAM), security, and network transformation solutions, is proud to announce the launch of MARTINA Predict 2.0, the latest iteration of its advanced AI Ops suite. This latest version introduces a pioneering cross-domain event correlation capability that not only enhances anomaly detection but also enriches the platform’s predictive accuracy.

Transformative Capabilities in AI Ops

Since its inception, MARTINA (Managing through Artificial Intelligence and Analytics) has been at the forefront of observability and anomaly detection, significantly reducing alert fatigue for support teams and providing real-time insights that drive better decision making.

Xalient has taken a quantum leap forward with MARTINA Predict 2.0, extending the capabilities of the MARTINA suite by integrating ground-breaking event correlation technology. This enables it to link disparate sources of data from across the identity, network and security domains, with user and application experience data, to pre-emptively identify and predict potential faults and issues.

This unique, holistic approach provides unprecedented insights into the interconnectedness of multi-vendor IT systems, enabling rapid issue identification and resolution, an optimised user experience, and an ability to dynamically prioritise specific business-critical network applications and resources.

With the ability to automate these insights, MARTINA Predict 2.0 offers unparalleled operational foresight, vastly improving upon traditional models of network management.

“MARTINA Predict 2.0 represents a paradigm shift in AIOps,” said Xalient CEO, Sherry Vaswani. “Our data scientists have achieved unique integration of diverse data sources and developed advanced correlation algorithms, which means we’re empowering organisations to stay ahead of IT disruptions and deliver superior user experiences.”

Stephen Amstutz, Director of Innovation at Xalient, remarks, “With MARTINA Predict 2.0, we anticipate anomalies, armed with vast amounts of data insights, more than a human could ever observe, analyse or correlate in real-time. This capability aids in preventing issues before they manifest, a necessity in today’s fast-paced digital environments. Our sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques ensure that MARTINA is not only a monitoring tool but a vital and proactive component of any enterprise’s IT strategy.”

Key Features of MARTINA Predict 2.0

  • Correlation of identity, security, network, and user experience data: Driving better insights and better business decisions
  • Advanced Anomaly Detection and Prediction: By analysing real-time telemetry and over seven years of historical data, MARTINA Predict 2.0 detects irregular patterns and predicts potential disruptions with greater accuracy.
  • Contextual Insights and Forecasting: This module significantly expands its diagnostic capabilities, providing deeper insights into network behaviour, bandwidth utilization, and future needs through intelligent forecasting.
  • Enhanced Capacity Management: The new capacity management module within MARTINA Predict 2.0 helps enterprises proactively manage their networks by prioritizing tasks and optimizing user experiences based on predictive data analytics.
  • Root Cause Analysis: Through comprehensive data correlation, MARTINA Predict 2.0 undertakes detailed root cause analyses, which simplify complex troubleshooting and resolution processes.

Future Direction

As Xalient continues to pioneer advancements in AI Ops, MARTINA Predict 2.0 marks a significant milestone in the company’s ongoing investment in customer-driven R&D and commitment to deliver cutting-edge, predictive solutions that drive IT Operations efficiencies and actively prevent operational disruptions before they occur.


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