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Helping you on your Zero-Trust journey

Zero-Trust Readiness Accelerator

Securing your infrastructure's foundations

Our Zero Trust framework provides a secure foundation that bridges users devices and applications and our Readiness Accelerator gets you there.

The Zero Trust Readiness Accelerator comprises of an initial scoping workshop where business drivers and objectives are gathered to provide an assessment of your “As Is” environment vs the intended “To Be”  to offer recommendations designed to help you accelerate achieving your goals while reaping the benefits of Zero Trust.
Discover how our Zero Trust Accelerator can help you achieve your business goals.

Benefits of a Zero-Trust Network



The focus is shifted from sites to the users, their devices, and the applications they consume. The reduced reliance on the network significantly reduces the time required to adapt to business changes.



As an integral part of the network rather than an afterthought, all traffic flows are engineered to ensure inspection engines are in-path and situated close to the users. This tight cohesion delivers a consistent security posture increasing compliance across the entire organisation.

User Experience

Through robust user identification and data classification, security controls dynamically adapt based on predefined policies. This reduces the friction associated with other security paradigms, delivering profound improvements to user adoption
and productivity.

Carrier & ISP Management


Installing application gateways allows legacy resources to be consumed as if they were SaaS. Connecting directly to the applications rather than via the corporate network significantly improves the user experience.

Lower cost of ownership

Cost Savings

The paradigm-shift from a network-centric to a user-centric architecture provides an opportunity to completely reassess the existing cost models. This would create an opportunity for potential cost savings.

Zero-Trust Readiness Accelerator Approach

The delivery of the Xalient Accelerator services follows a structured approach to ensure the required customer outcomes, while keeping the impact on the environment to a minimum. This incorporates an initial scoping workshop to fully qualify the requirements and business deliverables.


Review business drivers and desired outcomes. Identify assessment targets and locations. Agree assessment operational parameters. Identify dependencies on other business areas or third parties.

OUTPUT: Costed SoW


Completion of assessment statement of works. Exchange of technical and escalation contact details. Customer provides advanced documentation, as agreed/required.

OUTPUT: Contract completion and customer readiness



Notification of assessment start to defined contacts. Assessment execution following defined schedule and notification process. Notification of assessment completion to defined contacts.

OUTPUT: Collated assessment data


Consolidation of collected data into a single consistent data set. Analysis of the data against the assessment outcomes and business drivers. Creation of the assessment reports and other deliverables.

OUTPUT: Reports & assessment outcomes

Review - confirmation ZT


Presentation of the assessment results to the relevant stakeholders. Identification of any follow on activities. Customer sign – off for assessment completion.

OUTPUT: Recommendations & Roadmap

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Let our specialists show you how our Zero Trust Readiness Assessment can help you avoid misconfigurations, reduce the risk of data exposure, as well as achieve and maintain compliance.

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