Secure your digital transformation with the
Xalient Zero Trust Framework

Digital transformation means that users, devices, apps and data can be anywhere, leaving a traditional perimeter-based approach to network security no longer fit for purpose.

That’s why it’s time for a Zero Trust approach to achieve secure, efficient connectivity for your cloud-first strategy.

At Xalient, we’ve expanded on the traditional Zero Trust security model to develop the Xalient Zero Trust Framework.

Our framework provides a firm security foundation to underpin your digital transformation, helping you become a Zero Trust connected enterprise. It does this by addressing common areas of compromise between a user or device and the application or data source being accessed or consumed. And it does it wherever the users, devices, data and apps are located, on a global basis.


Designed to be modular

You don’t have to do everything at once. Our Zero Trust Framework is specifically designed to be modular. So you can address and resolve your most pressing security issues first, and add more capabilities over time.

Close the gaps at every stage of the journey

When apps and services still ran onsite or in the corporate data centre, you could secure them by having remote users connect via VPNs terminating on a centralised firewall. But now that digital transformation means that users, devices, apps and data may be almost anywhere, a traditional perimeter-based approach to security is no longer fit for purpose.

Identity and Access

What does it do?

Recognises and authenticates user and device identities (including IoT).

How does it do it?

• Network Access Control (NAC)
• Identity Detection and Response (IDR)
• Identity and Access Management (IDAM)
• Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Secure Transport

What does it do?

Connects users and devices to apps and data over a flexible, affordable, high-performance, encrypted network, via constantly optimised traffic pathways.

How does it do it?

• Carrier services

Secure Services Edge

What does it do?

• Deploys a secure web gateway to the cloud.
• Brings users and devices closer to apps.
• Maintains the user and device security posture and app experience, regardless of app location.

How does it do it?

• Secure Web Gateway
• Secure Internet Gateway
• Secure Application Gateway
• Xalient Secure Optimised Network Access suite (SONA)

Applications & Data

What does it do?

• Segments apps and workloads to protect against cross-infection in the event of viruses.
• Ensures users and devices have access only to the apps and data they need for their role.

How does it do it?

• Workload segmentation
• Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

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